ABG Communications Industries Served Healthcare, Corporate, and Medicare

Innovators in workflow print/e-Presentment healthcare fulfillment efficiency for over 55 years, ABG understands healthcare’s communication challenges and is constantly evolving to exceed those needs. Known as a thought leader, ABG Communications brings sanity to even the toughest patient/member communications by innovating technological workflows backed by award winning service. Service plus technology with a CHOICE is a refreshing change. The analytical cycle is not complete without patient/member multimodal delivery of vital communications.

Recently launched as ABG’s next generation workflow tool, BridgeSuite, is an answer to industry based focus group thought leadership. A single centralized tool combined with a state-of-the-art high speed print, e-Pre­sentment, bounce-to-print and mail fulfillment produc­tion facility. Shared with BridgeSuite, ABG’s inventive solutions team design and consult to help organizations manage their essential member and customer communi­cations by implementing unique revolutionary cost-sav­ings while improving outcomes. Data Driven, People Powered and Service with a Choice.

PBM – Payer – Provider – MTM – Clinical – Data Processor