The healthcare and Medicare industry is rapidly changing to meet the growing needs of the member population. Medicare and health plan administrators must adapt their business model to be member-centric and provide the “on demand” technology that members require. A strong member engagement strategy and the right tools enable you to provide a patient-centric method of service and care.

Digital Content Delivery Enhances Member Engagement

Member engagement outreach has proven to be effective in providing a higher level of care, creating better preventative services, and lowering system-wide costs. Leveraging digital content delivery tools are critical for an effective, efficient member engagement solution. The diverse and continually changing Medicare and patient populations require Medicare service providers to communicate with members using a variety of different methods. This is easier said than done for many organizations. Delivering the right message and the right time and in the right manner demands the right tools.

Efficient member engagement tools must incorporate:

  • A Variety of content delivery methods (mail, email, text messaging, web portals)
  • Comprehensive foreign language capabilities
  • Extensive data resources
  • Two-way communication abilities
  • Current compliance tools

BridgeSuite: Effective Member Engagement Tools

Bridge Medicare is your solution for creating and sending member outreach communications in a timely, effective, and secure manner. Request a demo of Bridge Medicare today to see how we can help you enhance your member engagement strategy.