Medicare Member Engagement & Communication Solutions

Bridge Medicare: Leadership in Member Engagement

Bridgesuite_dash_onMediaBridge Medicare takes your member engagement efforts to a position of best practice leadership, while streamlining support operations, enhancing compliance and saving costs. As ABG’s online toolset for the secure management of Medicare member communications programs, Bridge Medicare brings control of these programs to the desktop of our clients to create an efficient and accurate communications solution.

Compliance, Security, and Cost Savings

Our communications solutions are fully integrated to assure complete control and security of member engagement and plan data. ABG provides Medicare Part B, C and D member communication fulfillment that integrates both print and electronic delivery methods. Through Bridge Medicare, we support all of the critical communication documents required for Part B, C and D communications, including multi-page EOBs and time-sensitive letter notices (Transition of Care, Prescriber Transition of Care, Integrated Denial Notices, etc.). ABG has the expertise, systems and production capacity to ensure that these member engagement documents are accurately produced, archived and delivered on time.

Each year, ABG produces millions of Part B, C and D member EOBs and related documents. ABG has been supporting Part C and D communications since the inception of regulatory requirements for these documents. No one has more experience with member communications setup, production, and fulfillment. Features include:


BridgeSuite™ Medicare

Support critical communication documents required for Medicare Part B, C and D while streamlining support operations, enhancing compliance and saving costs.

Foreign Language Support

Our online tools provide foreign language support for Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog and many other languages. A foreign language may be efficiently implemented for regulatory compliance in both versioned and variable document presentations.

Digital Directory Rendering

Data-driven directories improve member engagement and save costs. ABG creates dynamic directories filtered by geographic area and other criteria and enables documents to be used in either print or electronic distribution.

Full CMS Model Support

ABG provides CMS model document conformity and offers support plan customization. Secure web-based document archives provide a secure, searchable, web-based PDF archive environment that houses all member documents. Archives can be accessed by Plan call center employees and used for internal audits.

Secure Online Archives

Fidelity between printed and web-presented documents is guaranteed by ABG. Client Plans, call centers, operations management or member-facing portals may access archives by using the secure application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by ABG.

Online Document Proofing

A secure web-based application portal allows documents to be reviewed and approved online before production. Our archives also enable electronic versions of documents to be sent to members by mail or electronically. Model documents are also accessible online.

Email Delivery Integration

Whether integrating with an existing email delivery system or our own, we implement email delivery options to members. We offer automated “switch to paper” functions to trigger printing and mailing documents when emails bounce to ensure compliance and deliver timely and critical Plan content.

Member-facing Portal Integration

ABG supports APIs that securely deliver member documents to portals accessed by members on demand. Our fully integrated systems allow for complete control and protection of member and plan data.


Our Member EOB Print Suppression Option allows suppression of printing on member EOBs. Plans can elect not to print member EOBs meeting specific criteria, including no member claim activity during a set time period, no negative future formulary changes, etc.

Future Formulary Changes

Enter and electronically submit your future period formulary data files for automatic integration into the monthly EOB production cycle. ABG’s tools provide flexibility and planning capabilities to ensure compliance and support for future formulary changes.

Audit Support

ABG offers 3 years of archival documents for immediate online retrieval through Bridge Medicare or APIs supporting member portals. Additionally, we retain 10 years archive in reserve, in satisfaction of HIPAA archival requirement. Bridge Medicare and our customized tools streamline audit response timelines.

Digital Production

High-speed printing and inserting equipment, combined with high volume production, offer low print and mail costs. Postage costs are minimized through address optimization, national change of address updates, and presorting.

Online Reporting

Bridge Medicare and ABG’s custom member engagement services provide advanced online reporting on all critical performance indicators including fulfillment file activity, production, delivery compliance, postage balance funding, national change of address detail records, and change audit logs.