Healthcare Communication Solutions for Plans and Providers

Bridge Healthcare: Actionable Patient Outreach

Bridge Healthcare provides a toolset that enables Plans and Providers to deliver clear, actionable information to members and patients. Whether the application calls for member pre/post-enrollment plan information, clinical letters, patient outreach communications, care gap information, surveys or adherence management communications, Bridge Healthcare enables client users to deliver content effectively, timely and securely.

Effective, Timely & Secure Healthcare Communications

ABG’s Bridge Healthcare currently supports all of the following use cases:

  • Pre-enrollment member kits
  • Post-enrollment member kits and ID cards
  • Member outreach communication programs
  • Patient care journals
  • Medication Therapy Management communications
  • Patient self-administered test kits
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Clinical communications

Bridge Healthcare

Multi-Modal Delivery Options

ABG’s Bridge Healthcare solution delivers content to a member using any combination of mail, emails, SMS text messaging and web portal. Many healthcare communications providers view these as separate processes, ABG integrates all of these to deliver communications in the format a member prefers.

Comprehensive Foreign Language Support

Languages supported in our solution include Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog and many others. Additionally, the foreign language feature may be implemented for regulatory compliance in both versioned and variable document presentations.

Full CMS Model Support

For those communications that require it, ABG provides full CMS model document conformity. We understand that all client needs are unique so we take additional measures to provide comprehensive plan customization as required.

Digital Directory Rendering

Improve member experience and save costs with data-driven directories. ABG creates dynamic directories filtered by geographic and other criteria and enables these documents for either print or electronic distribution methods

Secure Web-based Archives

Our web-based document archives provide secure, searchable, PDF archives of member documents. These archives can be accessed by client Plans, call centers, operations management or by member-facing portals when using secure application programming interfaces (API’s).

Online Document Proofing

ABG provides secure web-based application portals that allow healthcare communications documents to be proofed and approved online before production, as well as archives that provide electronic copies of documents sent to members (by mail or electronically). Fidelity between printed and web documents is guaranteed.

Document Accessibility

ABG’s services offer document accessibility features such as large print, Braille, and audible reading compatibility to meet regulatory expectations of CMS and ADA. Document accessibility enables members to be able to review documents in a manner that meets their needs.

Audit Support

ABG retains up to three years of archival documents for online retrieval through the Bridge Healthcare tool, or through API’s supporting member portals to streamline audit response preparation time. A 10-year archive is also kept in reserve to satisfy the HIPAA archival requirement.

Efficient and Accurate Production

ABG’s high-speed printing and inserting equipment, combined with high volume production, provides low print and mail costs. Traditional postage costs are minimized through address optimization, national change of address updates and presorting measures.


Bridge Healthcare and ABG’s overall service provides reporting on all of the following critical performance indicators: Fulfillment file activity, Production activity, Delivery compliance, Postage balance funding, National change of address detail records, and Change audit logs.