Customer Communications Management Solution

Bridge Corporate: Dynamic Client Communication Management

Bridgesuite_dash_onMediaBridge Corporate brings a broad range of capabilities to critical communications management programs and employee benefit communications. As a communications solution, it empowers ABG’s clients to deliver content to clients, customers and employees in an effective, timely and secure manner while reducing costs and ensuring accuracy.

An Accurate, Cost-Effective Communication Solution

ABG’s Bridge Corporate brings the capabilities of the ABG Bridge to any ongoing rules-based document fulfillment application, including marketing and pre-sales communications, billing statements, notifications, member or client engagement and survey use cases. Bridge Corporate customer communications management capabilities include:

  • Online document template management
  • Online editing and proofing capabilities
  • Foreign language implementation
  • Full service integration of production and inventory management
  • Postage cost minimization through software and production best practices
  • Online production reporting

Bridge Corporate

Access a broad range of capabilities for managing customer communication programs that are effective, timely, secure, and accurate.

Multi-Modal Delivery Options

ABG’s Bridge Corporate solution delivers content using a variety of methods. Any combination of mail, emails, SMS text messaging and web portal integration are available. Often, providers view these as separate processes but we do not. Our switch-to-paper automation easily integrates all modes according to a recipient’s preference.

Efficient and Accurate Production

ABG’s high-speed printing and inserting equipment, combined with high volume production, provides low print and mail costs. Most postage costs are minimized through address optimization, national change of address updates, and presorting processes.

Complete Foreign Language Support

Languages supported by our Bridge Corporate solution include Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog and many other languages. The foreign language feature may be implemented for regulatory compliance in both versioned and variable document presentations.

Secure Web-based Archives

ABG document archives provide secure, searchable, web-based PDF archives of all member documents. These archives can be accessed by quality control functions, call center employees and used for internal audit purposes. Archives may be accessed by secure application programming interfaces (API’s).

Online Document Proofing

Secure web-based application portals allow documents to be proofed and approved online before production, as well as archives that provide copies of documents to be sent to members (by mail or electronically). Fidelity between printed and web-presented documents is guaranteed.

Document Accessibility

Document accessibility features such as large print, Braille, and audible reading compatibility to meet regulatory expectations of ADA are integrated into the software solution. The document accessibility feature ensures clients and members can review and understand all communications easily.


Bridge Corporate and ABG’s overall service reports on all of the following critical performance indicators for your critical communications management program, including: Fulfillment file activity, Production activity, Delivery compliance, Postage balance funding, National change of address detail records, and Change audit logs.